Import/Export: Include all standard fields of smartlist criteria


All standard fields and their values used as smartlist criteria, are now included in the export/import. You don't have to spend time to manually enter these criteria anymore.

These are the available smartlist standard criterias and their status regarding export:
title                supported
Children            not supported
AnyText                supported
Nr                    supported
Creator                only current user and members of my team 
Last updated by        only current user and members of my team
Assigned to            only current user and members of my team
Performed By        not supported
Performed For        not supported

Originator            only current user and members of my team
Due text            supported
Due date            supported
Created On            supported
Last update            supported
Closed On            supported
Priority            supported
Status                supported
Tags                not supported
Application            not supported
Original Version    not supported
Solution Version    not supported

Earliest Start        supported
Earliest Finish        supported
Latest Start        supported
Latest Finish        supported
Scheduling Type        supported
Lock On Calendar    supported
Scheduling Problem    supported
On Critical Path    supported
Source event        supported
Actual due date        supported
Actual start        supported
Planned start        supported
Source date            supported
Mitigation Impact    not supported
Mitigation Probability    not supported
Risk Impact            not supported

Description            supported
Solution            supported
Assigned usergroups    supported