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You're dev, right? Or you are/want to be a power user of TenForce? And you wonder how TenForce will make your life easier? Simple! With TenForce you'll learn a set of basic primitives allowing you to swiftly implement custom business logic. You’ll also leverage the maximum out of TenForce. Our primitives work across domains and requirements. Learn once, use everywhere. You can automate almost anything in TenForce.

Oh and don't worry about the boring stuff. We provide a vast library of plugins and default logic so you can skip implementation of the industry standards.

Enjoy your stay. Enjoy your code.

Basic concepts.
Learn the basic concepts of TenForce. List, Items, workspaces, you'll master it all. Whether you are a developer, an administrator or just want to get to know TenForce, you’ll want to read this.
Input & events.
This is the place to be when you want to write automation. This section references all forms of possible input into TenForce. It also lists all events you can hook your automation to.
Get introduced to automating TenForce in this walkthrough. If you haven't touched TenForce scripting before, this should get you up and running. We'll set up your environment and dive right in with some example extensions.
Have a question? Our community will help you find a solution. This is the place to ask your question.
Release notes.
This living archive is for your consultation. Find out what’s new or fixed in any product version starting from 220. Don’t have much time? Read our milestone release notes; they contain highlights of the last 10 weeks of product development.
Get full access simply emailing us at support@tenforce.com