Full Import logging


The workspace import process is now logged in details. A log is created during importing of the configuration. It contains the information about all processed entities with their type and the status of the import.

Log contains information about processed entries which includes entity type (basically tag name in log), entity code, entity status.

Statuses include: Added, Removed, Updated, ExistingUsed, Skipped and Unknown.

Status Skipped is used when an entity is skipped for some reason. It should be updated later.

Status Unknown is used when entity information is just added to log. After that entity status should be changed if entity is updated correctly, so if some entity log stays in Unknown status after import finished, some error occurred in process of entity update.

If entity log status is Updated and some properties are changed, entity's log will contain ChangedProperties section with changes applied, for ex:
<CustomField Code="PgsTemplateSpecificUsers" Status="Updated">
<CustomFieldGroupId OldValue="null" NewValue="127" />