Finalize TexecList removal


TexecList<> class is removed and thus can't be used anymore.

  • All list-like usages (construction of new lists, etc.) must be converted to List<>.

  • Static helpers TexecList<>.GetListsIntersection,  TexecList<>.GetListsUnion, TexecList<>.IsNullOrEmpty,  TexecList<>.RemoveNullsAndDuplicates are moved to TenForce.Execution.Framework.Extensions.ListExtensions, converted to extension methods and can be used as simple as SomeList.IsNullOrEmpty().

  • TexecList<>.Sort method for IBItems is moved to TenForce.Execution.Framework.IBItemComparer instance method, renamed to SortRecursive and can be used as SomeComparer.​SortRecursive(items).