Dynamic custom field types based on list type question (i.e. AnswerType)


The same field on an Audit Question can now morph into different types of responses based on the question. E.g. free text, flag, selection, …

Types which are already supported:

  • combobox,
  • checkbox,
  • textbox (text only),
  • person picker,
  • time
  • textarea,
  • long text field (layouting is known issue: field will occupy full row in future)
  • toggle button

Types which are currently not supported:

  • textbox (number value)
  • datepicker
  • multiselect types
  • itemselect,
  • item multi select,
  • location: possible to set value, but value is not checked.
  • datagrid,
  • actionbuttonscript,
  • map,
  • tab page,
  • item relation,
  • child items,
  • answer,
  • label,
  • explanation