Milestone 255


Check our secret lasagna recipe

Hi there! We've worked hard for you in this Lasagna release. Here are some highlights of our work in the last 10 weeks.

New feature

Indicate if a parent item is optional / required / forbidden (32173)

  • Desktop
  • Admin

The list configurator is able to define the parent occurrence of items in a list. Items in a list can have 3 parent occurrence options:

  • Optional: An item in this list may have a parent item (default option)
  • Required: An item in this list must have a parent item
  • Forbidden: An item in this list may not have a parent item

Additionally, depending on the selected option, the possible lists when creating new (child) items is reduced to the available lists only.

  • When creating child items, lists where no parent is allowed are not shown
  • When creating orphan items, lists where a parent is required are not shown

The option to link / unlink items is impacted by the parent occurrence option.

New feature

Electronic signature (29713)

  • Desktop + Mobile
  • Admin + End user

The electronic signature feature allows a user to input and view signatures in handwritten form. One or more signatures can be configured on an item. Signatures can be inputted only in TenForce mobile and can be viewed both in mobile and web using "signature icon" placed in the title row.

New feature

Filter option on date field: "Tomorrow" (32226)

  • Desktop
  • End user

We've added the filter value 'Tomorrow' for date fields in list overviews.


Improved ItemFilter performance

We improved performance for TenForce data dumps (e.g. for BI).


Protection against massive amounts of requests originating from one source

We developed a solution to help protect the TenForce application from multiple requests from the same source.