Add ItemType to the ListContract attribute


A new ListContractAttribute, ItemType, has been added to the model in Tenforce.Execution.Scripting.Common. This attribute allows defining the itemtype of the list on a ListContract during scripting.

using ItemType = TenForce.Execution.Scripting.Common.Constants.ItemType;

[ListContract(Workspace = "workspaceName", Code = "listName", ItemType = ItemType.Wiki)] public Interface IListInterface

In case the ItemType isn't defined in the ListContract, by default the itemType will be Action.
In case there already exists a list with the ListContract's code in the ListContract's workspace, the ItemType of the ListContract won't make any changes in the database. Else, during installation of the builded package, a new list of the ListContract's ItemType will be created.
At the moment, creating new lists of the ItemType audit, audit topic, audit question or meeting won't be possible as they require a default child list different from themself, which is something that cannot be defined yet as an attribute.